My 5k Experience

This being my first time running for a cause, I wondered what to expect on such an important day, not only as a runner but also as a Respect Jamaica Youth ambassador. I was about to withdraw, because of some issues I had and said this in our whatsapp group.
However, my friend Neville would not have it and reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. On the day leading up to the event, I was amused at the vibe of the ambassadors there and later became relaxed and ready to do my part.
The fun didn’t stop as we all wanted to do the Fun Run and during that time, with the paint, the obstacles and the vibe being created among ourselves and with other participants , no one was left behind.The unfortunate part for me was the lack of water and persons started chanting “We Want Water” during to Fun Run.
I applaud Digicel for adding that aspect to the event as not only does it give people more options as to what they want to do. I believe it removes all doubt from your mind, that you would not be able to complete the 5k Fun Run.

What I’ve learnt form this experience is that unfortunately, we are not always constant as it relates to learning about persons with special needs. We miss out on the most important part which is that they are able to function just as the average human being.

This is why Respect Jamaica took part, as not only is it considered a phenomenon that we can create awareness on. However respect is required to help break barriers in understanding something new or unknown.

I’d want to do it again.