Stilling Standing

My first instance  in which I was discriminated against was when I wanted to go to college.  I was told that based on my background, which was a poor one that I was  not eligible for a Student Loan and I went there several times thinking that the next time their decision would change. The only thing my mother had as an asset was her cow. Coming from a poor background, that was the only thing she had.  She was told that it could not be used.

However there was a positive that came out of it and that was where I met a lady who was working at SLB at the time. She asked how many subjects I had, I told her 10. She asked for me to show them to her and I did and she took me to the Scotiabank and opened an account for me (don’t ask, I won’t tell you lol) and she aided me with everything  needed to start school. She gave me 40 thousand dollars which was half of my school fee; which was a start. Every month she asked that I send my grades to her so that she could track my progress, so that she could maintain the relationship of monetary funding to aid with my schooling.

Years later having that experience. I faced discrimination again when I was 24, and I went for an interview at National Recovery Service. I was teaching at the time and I wanted an extra job; a way of moving out of the teaching profession to go into something else. They had an opening for a Client Relations Officer and I went and I applied but I did not put my age on it.

When I went, I looked the part, sounded the part and then she asked me my age and I told her. She said no, she’s looking for someone who is in her 30s or 40s. She said I have all of the capabilities and what was required, I speak well and I have a track record of excellence but she said that my age was the reason why she could not hire me.

Can imagine how I felt after hearing this? Thinking about my attempts for a loan and finally getting it. Working to keep that money, getting a job and trying to better myself, but because of my age, I’m limited. It’s unfair when you are young and highly intelligent among your peers, yet when you get the chance to really test your capabilities, there are many factors limiting you. Sometimes you have to go down a level or even start from scratch to get somewhere. The beauty of it is when you are able to rise above your circumstances and excel in whatever it is you are doing.

I’m a fighter- I don’t stay down for too long. There is a God and he is my guide.


Camele Shields- Trainer at Hinduja Global Solutions


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