We are in the Soca season here in Jamaica and I LOVE IT!!!! Never liked it before but I believe attending UWI and having soca junkies in my presence helped to changed that. I’ve learnt a handful about this genre and the impact it has on the Jamaican people. I’m grateful that it was introduced as it promotes integration. If you are a junkie or like the music, you notice that your circle of revelers are not just Jamaican but a diverse group of persons all wanting to share in the same thing.  

Yes, with this integration it means that you would need to go with some sense and not just jump when someone agrees to loving soca as not everyone is nice.

Being a lover of the genre that causes for you to start dancing from your feet up, and to be loose in more ways than one. I’m shocked when people say that they don’t like SocaThe only reason I can remember one person said, is that the beat is the same for most songs; to each his own.

However as a music lover and one who loves every opportunity to dance. It’s the simplest avenue for you to move. Though I may not be on the same level of those seasoned junkies, anywhere mi deh …. 

Ah jus want tuh play mehself
Leave meh leh meh play ah mas!
I jus wah tuh wine on someting! I cyah mek no bumpa pass 
Meh pride in de lost and found!
Watch meh how ah winin down!
I all on de dutty ground!
And nuttin can stop me now!

As mentioned before, it promotes integration, bearing in mind the informal rules while at a fete, you have a free pass to wine on almost any bumper. Unlike a Dancehall where men don’t get the oportunity to dance any girl. With Soca, if you never had a girl before, you must find a willing bumpa by the fete done. With songs such as Like A Boss, Just A Little Bit, I Am Soca, Soca Palance, you are guaranteed to squat,wine, bubble and chip. 


Then there’s the grand event that ends all events for the season which is The road march, where you  get pretty, tone or loose the weight for the longest dance you’ll do until the next march. Where it’s funny is that without the music, nuff a we nah walk fi so long- weh dat a go? With the music, having your friends around, feeling sexy, stealing a whine with few people, letting that rum simmer soak in. With all that taken into consideration, its the best day ever. The unfortunate effect is that you may suffer from Carnival Tabanca Tuesdays. Thank God for YouTube and promoters that host parties now and then. 


And when yuh feel that de soca done,
Well is more soca to come,
And when yuh feel that de wining done,
Well is more wining to come,
And when yuh feel that de jumpin done,
Well is more jumpin to come,
And when yuh feel that de soca done,
Well is more soca to come,
Come, come , come , come


Lyrics:  http://islandlyrics.com/lyrics-kerwin_du_bois_ft_patrice_roberts-i_am_soca.htm#sthash.kUtqYXMa.dpuf